The Abusua (Clan)   






Welcome Sean Dwyer Pawley to the World!

The safari continues.  I'm now 3 weeks old and thriving.  See below: "The beginning.."

On Sunday, my Mommy and grandmother/ Ama had a photo shoot for my birth announcement. 

The theme was "An addition to our family pride.."  Both lions and I were incredibly patient, even stoic...despite the seemingly endless poses.

                          I do look older and well fed. The lions look about the same as they did May 21st.

The beginning of life's safari ....

 After a few indignities,

 e.g. the weighing , a first bath and some cooking,  

I was burrito-wrapped and, at last, returned to my Mommy, whom I didn't recognize, but I was grateful for all her efforts to bring me into this world.      My Daddy was there for my arrival, too.   I'm glad I look like him... and my BIG brother, Evan, who came to see me later.  


It was a very exciting and exhausting first day ...    and then I ...     Z..z..z..

One week into life....

Thus far, life seems to be fairly ordered.  It consists of: 1. Eating voraciously. 2. Processing.  3. Sleeping.