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Ryan's Page

Ryan Michael Scott,  2 years old.

Ryan is Joanie and Greg's second son. He is quite a talker and a little more outgoing than his brother, Matthew.  He loves to do what his big brother is doing.  He is Matthew's shadow.

Ryan loves hockey with Matthew.  (See Team Scott.) Sometimes, he would rather watch hockey than cartoons.

Ryan goes to pre-school and, like Matthew, loves it.  He doesn't have a particular friend, but the girls always rush over to say "hi" when he comes in.  Ryan is one of three boys and seven girls in his class. 

Ryan tries to eat anything, but, like Matthew, loves cotton candy and marshmallows.  Ryan laughs at his own jokes (often, he is the only one who gets the joke) and says some of the funniest things.

He likes guessing games.  After seeing "Lion King," he played "Who am I?" "I am a daddy lion, Mufasa."  "I am a rhinoceros" or "I am a baby tapir."  The zoo they visit has two rhinos and a baby tapir.

He is a really nice twig and his parents are proud of him.