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Roary 2005

Ama/ Tooge and Abba/ Wayne visited Roary and Brian, Easter 2005.  They had a great time including a day in the park     and an Ethiopian dinner with Kathryn a musician and friend and Brian .

You can see how much Roary loves injera and waht. It must be a psychic link with his middle name,  Tessema. 

Roary 2003

  Roary Tessema Handlos   18 months old

By visiting my cousin, Evan, this Christmas, I realize how old and gifted I've become.  Evan may be verbal, but his vocabulary is limited, e.g. "baabaabaa, mamama, bbppffthtt"  By contrast, I can say, "hi, ball, fish, cat, bass, wow, hand" etc. and I understand most adults, unless they are discussing politics. I can run, walk, fall down, grab, splash, tickle etc. 

I love to (1)eat- (2) play- (3)sleep/ rest- (4) read-(5) swim (6) walk in the garden .  I live in Denver, so Dad took me to see the Pacific Ocean.(7)  All I could say is "WOW!"

I also love music.. ..and my Dad, who is a musician.  I love my Mommy, too, but she was working in Denver, while we were playing in California. (Daddy and I were very impressed when there was a 6.5 earthquake the morning after we arrived.  Good show.)

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)  (6) (7)

I think the older people had as much fun as Evan and I did.

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