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John Paul Dwyer

John Paul Dwyer was born in Ishpiming Michigan, March 9, 1860. His family is being researched. It is known that his father was Sean O'Dwyer who was born in Ireland. John eventually came to Leadville Colorado to work as a diamond driller in the mines. He developed silicosis from working in the mines and in 1921 bought a peach ranch (yes, ranch, not orchard) near Palisade/Bridges Switch Colorado. He died in Denver November 26, 1950. For more on the peach ranch, click here.


John Paul Dwyer married Katie Timothy Gallagher. Catherine Timothy Gallagher, "Katie," was born February 13, 1875 (? Katie's exact birth year is unknown, since she modified her age repeatly in her life) in Mauch Chunk Pennsylvania. Her parents, Timothy Gallagher and ....... Curran were born in Ireland. As an old lady, Katie remembered coming across the Great Plains in a covered wagon. She died in Denver on March 26, 1954 at the end of a life that stretched from covered wagons to airplanes.

Above is young Katie Gallagher and her handsome groom, John Paul Dwyer. Both Katie and Pa Dwyer are buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetary in Denver, Colorado. Katie always called her husband, "Dwyer." Below is elderly Katie Gallagher and her handsome and only son, Jack, and her daughter- in- law, Mary.

Note from web leprechaun: My strongest memory of "Katie" and "Dwyer" may be part of the family mythology. When Grandpa and Grandma Dwyer stayed with us for a time in Denver, Colorado, each evening, they would have a "night cap" of a shot of whiskey (Irish, no doubt) followed by an eight-ounce glass of Epsom salts. This concoction kept the body clean and mind relaxed. Perhaps, this is when I learned my singular Gaelic phrase, "Ti mishi ga in de labinish." (Please, dear ancestors, don't haunt me. Forgive my attempt at Pidgin Gaelic.) Translated, ( I was told) it meant, "I have to go to bed now."