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Bill's Page

Our beloved bard (a member of an ancient clan of Celtic poets and performers) Bill is now on YouTube. 

1. How did this all start?  2. The Shooting of Dan McGrew  3. The Piddling Pup  4. The Face on the Barroom Floor saved me.   5. The Face on the Barroom Floor  6. About the poetry  7. The Cremation of Sam McGee      8. The whole park was on fire.

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This eminent, now retired, physician, raconteur, bon vivant, treasured father, wondrous spouse, great (quality, not age) grandfather, incredible brother is not hanging his head in shame.  Rather he is thinking of his next witticism. 

The first in a series:  The World According to Bill ( & his magic software.)1

    Part 1:     A Happy but Violent Past (especially for squirrels)

                   Part 2:    Anatomy and Physiology by Mary Dwyer  (edited)

Part 3:  Pa Dwyer's Cane

Bill served in the US Navy at Guantanimo Bay and, out of boredom (the cost of peace), began to memorize poetry, in particular the long saga's of Robert Service, e.g. "The Cremation of Sam McGee" and "The Shooting of Dan McGrew."  Among his repertoire is "The Piddling Pup."     The Piddling Pup  The poem loses its poetic beauty without the melodious tones of Dr. Dwyer. Thank you, YouTube.

      Bill, Ann, Wayne, Tooge        Windy Garth, Lake Ontario   2002     Still laughing.

           (We can't remember what Bill said, but, as usual, it was funny.)          

 Called "Dragon Point and Speak"  One wonders what produces this unique and poetic form of English.  Is it the dragoning, the pointing or the speaking ?