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Matthew's Page

  Matthew Gregory Scott 

4 years old (almost 5!)

Greg and Joanie's oldest twig, Matthew, is their quieter guy.  He loves to play hockey (mainly in the kitchen) with his best friend and brother, Ryan.  (See Team Scott.)  He loves to sing, really loves rhymes and is turning out to be a sweet fellow at 5 years old.

Like any big brother, he fights a bit with his little brother, but, also, tries to make him happy when he is sad.

  He goes to pre-school and has a great time when he is there.  Matthew's best friend is Ashton and they are inseperable. Matthew is the picky eater on the team. He would eat sweets all day long.  He loves cotton candy and marshmellows. 

Matthew has a special talent with language. Matthewese: "Dreams" are "pictures in my eyes."  "Syrup" is "glue"  and "skyscrapers" are "moonscrapers."  "Thoughts" are "My mind is telling me."  "Fingerprints" are "pawprints."  (Editor's note:  Clearly, a future poetic hockey star.) Some of the things his mind tells him are priceless, e.g. "Mom, you are acting like your own mom."

He is a really nice twig and his parents are very proud of him.