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Lenna's & Titus's Page

Lenna's Screenplay, "Pugerella"

Lenna is 10 years old and is in Grade 4.  She is very artistic as you can see by her portrait of Titus.  Lenna wrote about herself, " First, I love to draw.  I also like cushions, pillows and pugs. ( Note image above.) I think pugs are cute because they're wrinkled.  I like you!¹ I just learned to backflip on the bars at school. 

The funny thing about Titus is that he runs into the screen door and he is very cute."

  Lenna wrote a message from Titus. 

Titus said, " I like going places.  I think I'm king of the world."

Back to Lenna: "In school, science and art are my best subjects.  I also like somebody named Michael.  My best friends are Kera, Danielle, Maddie, Emily and Owen.  I'm going to do a play with Emily and Owen, who live on my block.  It is called, "The Donkeys Who Never Gave Up."  It is about several different things.  We are taking several parts out of other movies to put in the play, so it is like previews, kind of.  My mom and dad will have to help with the play.  They have to make sure I don't get hurt when I fall off the branch into the thing."

   Lenn loves sushi. 

Click hear to learn how to make sushi.

  Nori (seaweed) farm in Japan.

"Other thing I like to eat besides sushi: Subway, chicken McNuggets and chicken.

My favorite singers are Raven and Hillary Duff.

My favorite colors are pink, purple, blue and red.

My favorite movies are "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Rugrats Go Wild."

If you ever come to Denver again, I would like to take you to my school, so I can show you what I can do on the bars."

¹Although not cute, the WebLep is wrinkled too and pleased to be liked. Thanks, Lenna.