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    The Marathon Mamas and team honoree

(l-r) Jackie Kubicka, Carolyn Carhart-Quezada, Beth Bowman, Taylor Chin, Jeanine Morgan (team mentor) and super Kathy Fitzgerald.

Kathy joined Team in Training through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in late September.  "I had a friend who ran a marathon 8 years ago with Team in Training.  Always a goal of mine, to run a marathon,  I finally signed up! Then I signed up three more friends (the mamas) and we've been running ever since!

I had been running so the training seemed fairly easy at first.  The shorter distances were manageable, even the distances on flat ground of 10 miles were okay.  Once we hit 12 miles with a hill, I became a little worried.  This was going to be a serious challenge!

Every Tuesday and Saturday we meet as a Team.  Tuesday we do track work- timed runs and hear stories from people who have or had one of the blood related diseases.  These stories are so inspiring, I walk away with a renewed determination to run and more energy to put into fundraising.  Saturday is our distance day.  This Saturday, January 31st, 2004, we will run 18 miles! Can you imagine?*  Our next big and longest run will be on Valentine's Day, 20 miles, originating at Lovers Point in Monterey.  By then, we should be ready to run the marathon."

P.S.  They ran and completed the Napa Marathon.  Congratulations to these Wonder Women.

Update:  Kathy is at the moment training for a half marathon.  (Nov.  2004)

* Weblep note:  No!!! After one  puny  mile on an elliptical trainer today, my admiration for these wonder women grew with each step.  However, I was with Kathy (plus Mary, Bri, guide and a game guard)  on a walking safari in Luangwa Valley, Zambia, Central Africa.  She (& they) can face any challenge, e.g. a Cape buffalo in a dry river bed, with courage and humor.