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Royal Memorial Jack Tour   Jack H. Dwyer (originally named John Henry)

August 7, 1929 - August 7, 2001

Jack was born in Grand Junction Colorado. He was the eldest of four children of John W. and Mary E. Dwyer. Brother Bill arrived a year later, so they grew up as famous (and sometimes, infamous) Dwyer Boys."


A) Billie, Daddy Keefe, cousin Eddie, Jackie.. (B) Jackie, cousins, Dad, Billie

Their first four years were spent at Pa (Grandpa) Dwyer's peach ranch near Bridges Switch in summer and in Leadville in winter, where our father worked in the paint store of his father-in-law and our grandfather, Henry O'Keefe' (Daddy Keefe.) See peach ranch pilgrimage and Leadville pilgrimage.

In 1934, Joanie was born a "blue baby" in Leadville (Alt. 10 500') and the family moved to Denver (Alt. 5 280') within months of her birth. Tooge arrived in 1937. The family remained in South Denver, thus Jack grew up in Denver, Colorado.

Obituary notices hone a life down to a few facts. Denver Post obituary for Jack.

As I began my eulogy to Beloved Jack at his funeral, "It is impossible to condense a life and abiding love into a few moments or words.." The words and pictures that follow do not even make the attempt; instead, they are simply a tribute to

a devoted husband and .........a proud father and family man ....



as well as a great brother...5

6Jack was a man of all seasons. He loved telling stories, history, writing, fishing, counseling, lecturing, family gatherings (See Breckenridge reunion.)


(l - r) 1. Jack and Donna.. 2. Jack, Donna Marie, Donna...3. Penny, Paul, Donna, Annie, Jack...4.Ann, Mikey,Lise, Bill, Annie, Matthew, Tooge, Jack, Donna...5. Jack, Tooge, Bill...6. Jack, The St. Croix River WI/MN...7. Jerry, Jack, Brian...8.Donna, Tooge, Ann, Jack, Bill, P.Fred, "Would you do that at the Brown Palace?" cake.

Jack's funeral was deeply moving. Son Paul, and Daughter Annie sang breathtakingly beautiful songs. Eulogies were wonderfully appropriate and well said. Perhaps, Jack never knew how many lives he touched, but, if his spirit was gracing his funeral (and we think it was,) he must have been overwhelmed, as we all were, with the tribute given to him in a very large church filled with those who loved and admired him, many from Denver's Theater community. Daughter Donna Marie ended her lovely eulogy with "Dad wants to be an actor in his next life. Well, Dad, today you are the star." At that moment, everyone in the church rose in a standing ovation, an incredible moment in an amazing life.

Farewell, Beloved Jack.

When and where ever we gather, Jack will be with us.

Royal Memorial Jack Tour

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