The Abusua (Clan)   





                                                "The Family is Nature's masterpiece."  -  George Santayana

Go mbeannai Dia duit (May God Bless You.)

Abusua is now on Facebook. The WebLep has wandered into uncharted territory.  ......  Does anyone have a compass? 

N.B.  A cyber-war has erupted on Facebook's Abusua.  One of the Super Branches has the audacity to present a Branch with a chicken challenge.  She now must confront her fear for  "Behold the Glorious Chicken."

Faith now! Here is a plea from one desperate WebLeprechaun.  Please send jpg images via e-mail.  I can upload them quickly and  we can then all appreciate how time and age has given us more depth and beauty (and, for some, more wrinkles).  Bless you, me Dears.  In return, I promise to photoshop the WebLep image to show my white hair, which it is. I kept my promise.  Notice my much improved ears.

 Our Family - How can it be described?  (updates welcome)                                                                                

Meanwhile, please send news and views. 

You'll notice a shift in emphasis. We treasure our past, but this website features the present.  But, it can only do so with your help.  Each family member/group will have his/her/their own page (assuming content to put on it)    

 Thoughts on abusua,  and  Family !!!

" What is a family?  Is it just a genetic chain, parents and offspring, people like me?  Or is it a social construct, an economic unit, optimal for child rearing and divisions of labor?  Or is it something else entirely:  a store of shared memories ..?  An ambit of love? A reach across the void?" From Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama. Barack Obama doesn't arrive at a definite answer, nor, perhaps, can anyone.   But, I think, to me, family is a celebration of life and love. 

To help navigate the original family tree:  (or use the menu.)

Twigs  (John & Mary Dwyer's great, great grandchildren:  born after 2007

                   Super Duper Branches (John & Mary Dwyer's great grandchildren: born 1980-2006                          

                                 Super (not Sub) Branches  (John & Mary Dwyer's grandchildren: born c.1956 - 1971)

                                     Branches (John & Mary's children:  Jack, Bill, Joan, Tooge/Diane: born  1930 - 1937)

                 Trunk  (John William Dwyer & Mary Emily O'Keefe Dwyer, born 1906 - 1908)

                                                      Roots (Our ancestors born < 1900)

There are also some treasures from the old website. Click here for Old Links : In memory of Jack and In memory of Joanie 

            Previous features/ links: At the top of the tree..the Breckenridge Reunion  and ... more

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." O' Lao-tzu

This web site is a work in progress, an empty canvas, an unfinished symphony. (It is not a black hole, which will suck in all our energy.) At this point, it also is a skeleton without any flesh, a journey without a map. It is meant as an invitation to paint the canvas/ work on the symphony/ flesh out the body/ begin the journey- together . (The WebLep is metaphorically challenged.)

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