The Abusua (Clan)   






How the Super Duper Branches (Grandchildren of Jack & Donna, Bill & Ann, Joan & Paul,  Joan & Jim,  & Diane/ Tooge & Wayne )  have grown  ...  then.. and now.

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 This page is to be viewed by parents and grandparents.  Those included in this page must be patient with their elders.

Children of Paul & Penny

Then...                                                                                                                            Now (Christmas 2009)

                        James                                          &  Becca 

     < 2004 < 2006                      


Children of Kathy & Peter                                                                                                  

            Michael    &    Shannon

  <2004 >                  


Children of Joanie  & Greg                

                                                              Matthew                 Ryan                               Now (Christmas 2009)



Children of Mary  & Paul                                                                                                

       Audrey                       Jack,                Nathan                 Julia                    (l-r) Jack, Julia, Audrey, Nathan



Children of Nancy & Tom                                                                                               Now (Christmas 2009)

        Jared,                     Anya                Raina                                                                 Anya,  Jared,  Raina



Children of Bill & Renee

                Megan                  Elizabeth



Children of Mike & Connie                                                                                             Now (Christmas 2009)



Children of Kim & Jerry

        Alex                                Angie



Child of Paula & Steve




Child  of Jan & Tim                                                                                        Now (Christmas 2009)


          < 2007


Children of Marcy  & Darryl                                                   

            Michael, Kirsten, Nicholas, Danielle                                Danielle, Nicholas, Michael w/ Jordan, Kristen  2009

                      Family 2004                                                 


Children of Laura & Keenan                                                                       Now (Christmas 2009)


(l - r),  Deshawn, Derek, Kiara, Laura, wonder dog,                           (l-r)  Mauni, Kiara, Mila, Anthony, Miko, wonder dog, Derek, Deshawn

           Mauni  Keenon, Mila, Miko, Anthony,                                                          and  ..   Then

                    Deshawn            Derek                  Kiara          Miko,                  Mila                    Mauni   (year ?)



Children of Lise & Jeff                                                                                                             Now (Christmas 2009)


 < 2003 < 2004 < 2005 < 2006                   

         Sean        < 2006                                                                                2010       


Child of Brian & Ang


  <2003 < 2004 <2005 <2006