The Abusua (Clan)   






Family Gatherings

(This list is distressingly incomplete. Please send images and any comments on gatherings not listed, e.g. other weddings, holidays etc.)

           1988       Denver Reunion                          Denver Colorado

         1992        St. Croix River Houseboat 1       Lindstrom, Minnesota   &   MN/ WI border

         1999        Handlos/ Pawley Wedding 1      Santa Barbara California 

        2000         Breckenridge Reunion               Breckenridge Colorado

  2003        Dwyer Gathering                      Lake Ontario, New York              

        2004        Lazy R Gathering                      Estes Park, Colorado

        2005        Cousins Lunch*                        near San Francisco California

                         (* A small gathering included because I love the pictures, the perks of webmastership.)

1 Apologies for linking to the same page, until I find the images and time to complete a separate page for each link. I'm still working on the linkless entries.  At least, I know where the photographs are (I think.).

  Should there be links to Jack's and Joanie's funerals/ memorials here?  We have shared sorrow, as well as joy.