The Abusua (Clan)   







                          Our Family 

                                             Only a few of the motley crew >


How can a family be described ?

Text Box: athletic > 2 marathoners, 1 scuba diver, a few good tennis players, a soccer player, a kayaker, some basketball players, some runners

There is no way to describe, enumerate, celebrate a family on one page.  Titles and attributes are not a final measure.  No one fits neatly into one box, or many.  But, this is one way to display the amazing array of talents, interests and accomplishments of this incredible collection of people called, "Our Family."


Text Box: intelligent > 2 engineers (1 ret.), 2 endangered species experts

Text Box: accomplished > 2 MD's (1  ret. anesthesiologist, a cardiologist), a PhD (plant taxonomist), 4 +? Masters (plant morphology, school administration, special ed., endangered species law?) + ∞ B.A.'s & B.Sc.'s








Text Box: talented > 1 professional musician, 4 + dancers


Text Box: diverse > 1 hebalist/ holistic medicine practitioner, 2 wine experts, 1 school psychologist, 1 website weaver




Text Box: disciplined >  5 martial artists, incl. 3 black belts ( 1 ret.), 1 T'ai Chi Ch'uan-ist  (semi-ret.)


Text Box: artistic > 3 Equity actors, 1 also a producer, many budding painters

Text Box: professional > 2 accountants, 1 advertising account manager, 3 executives, a builder, 1 personal trainer

Text Box: verbose > the whole tribe.                                            Remember. It's the family affliction.

Text Box: fun >1 comedienne (ret.) plus twigs, large and small - actually, most of us, in a curious way