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2007  Link to "Space  Shovel Scientist."


2006    Evan's 3rd year has been full of discovery...

cooking ..biking  ..learning tennis..  becoming a cowboy .driving trains      ..and even taking care of his own house. and animals  (extra ears, courtesy of local Animal Shelter)

Let's toast a wonderful year, thus far (November.)  

More on Evan's new love, music, soon.


November:  Evan is now almost 2 years old and has begun going to school. This picture is Evan on his first day.  He goes to "Maria's,"  the Perez Family Daycare, Monday and Friday mornings, where he is learning some Spanish and his new best friend is Omar. 

This is the first year that Evan will go Trick or Treating with friends.

   It was an early but exciting Halloween.

September: Evan is now 2 years old. Evan continues to excel in eating and other bodily functions.  However, his advanced age shows in daily accomplishments, e.g. hopping, dancing, singing, incessant talking, and recently an interest and ability in telling stories.  This week's gripping sagas included one about flying to the clouds in his swing to rescue his cats, Jack and Pochita a.k.a. Fatty Cat.

Since this summer's cruise with his parents and Jeff's family (See Lise and Jeff's page), he is inspired with an audience of one or more to put on "Showtime."  Evan plays the guitar a.k.a. ukulele and his favorite stuffed animal, Monkey, is drummer.  When Monkey wears a diaper on his head, the group is called "The Diapers." The show ends in a conga line of one or more, depending on the energy of the audience. 

          When you are two... 


 you may be lucky enough to get a new helmet and tricycle for your birthday.

  life is a joy... full of bubbles          and trains 

  and sometimes bedtime (necessary but a poor second to bubbles and trains)....   


  Evan Drake Pawley  8 months old

Most of you got my first Christmas letter.  It seemed a little self-congratulatory, but these first months have been filled with wondrous accomplishments.

  For Halloween, my mother was a Holstein and my father, a farmer.

I excel in eating (1)  - sleeping - other (unnamed) bodily functions.   I've grown some hair, 2 teeth and can grab everything in reach, especially  Jack, the cat. (2) I am very verbal.  I only cry when necessary, e.g. at the thought of "The Terminator" as governor.(3)     

(1)(2) (3) (4) (5)(6)

My Uncle Brian and cousin Roary came for Christmas. Roary and I had fun eating(4), swimming (5) and playing together(6).  I didn't mind sharing with Roary my furry brother Jack (7),  but there are limits to sharing (8).

(7)  (8)   That's me pulling hair.