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Derek's Page

August 2005

Derek is now in 8th grade, still in High Strides (gifted and talented) program, and is doing very well.  He now plays percussion for the advanced band.  He will be joining the Swim Club.  He is working on a novel, which may have to be broken into a series of books.  He has about 200-300 pages written.  It is a very good story.


Derek Earl Ewald, 12 years old

In "High Strides" 6th Grade program for gifted students at Morey Middle School- Likes to play video games - Likes writing stories and reading - Likes to practice playing the drums - Best friends are Nick & William - Has been working on one, certain story, called "The Room," for two years.

Received an award from the Mayor of Denver for his academics and an author's award for his story - Learned to play golf in 5th Grade - Loves pizza - **Featured** in "Golf Digest" - Wants to be a drummer, golfer, veterinarian, video game programmer when he grows up.