The Abusua (Clan)   





Go mbeannai Dia duit. (May God Bless You.)

                                    Over in Dear Ireland

Roughly, to the tune of "Over in Killarney/ An Irish Lullaby," or "Toora Loora Loora"

sung by

(quite) Three Irish (not quite) Tenors, at the Breckenridge CO reunion.


Over in Dear Ireland, many years ago..

The Gallaghers, Currans, O'Keefe's, O'Dwyers hopped aboard a boat..for reasons we may never know. (the potato famine)

They sailed away to the land of the free.

In fact, they're here with us tonight. They're part of you and me.

Their chromosomes, they dispersed. Our gene pool got quite murky.

We added Germans, English, French. Now, our heritage is quirky.

So, as we celebrate this week, through the laughter and the tears,

we 're toasting all of us with maybe just a few beers. Hmm!  Cheers.

But, let us not forget the truth, as we honor our roots.

We're really celebrating each one of us, especially the wee dear shoots.

And, so, my dears, our song will end. We'll never sing it again.

For, to slaughter such a fine tune is surely a mortal sin.

Music by anonymous

                                                                                               Lyrics by Mary Margaret C. I. H. E. E. M. A. T. H. G. C. O'Keefe O'Dwyer a.k.a. Tooge

C=Catherine, I=Ida, H=Hannah, E=Esther, E=Emily, M=Mollie, A=Ahnie, T=Timothy H=Helen, G=Gallagher, C=Curran (fine names for the fine women who have gone before us.)