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Henry O'Keefe (April 14, 1860 - October 19, 1935)  

  Henry's grave in Leadville Cemetary (not the Catholic section, since he married a non-Catholic.)

1856-1880 census data Family of Henry O'Keefe

Henry was born the fourth child of Charles O'Keefe in Burlington, Iowa. Henry's mother was either Esther or Mary. Esther may have died in childbirth with Henry, since, by the 1860 census, taken in June, 1860, Esther was no longer with the family and the mother is listed as Mary, a woman eight years younger than Esther. Tooge is in the process of solving the mystery (she hopes.) She solved it!  Esther died and Charles then married Mary Conley.  The parents, Charles, Esther and Mary, were born in Ireland. Charles had eight children. Mary was definitely mother of the last four.

< This photograph shows Henry (standing right) next to his brother, Charles F. Seated (l. to r.) are William, Mary, and Martha/ Molly. This portrait might have been take in Burlington, Iowa, in the 1890's, before the three brothers left for Colorado.

The date of this photo is also unknown.> Again, the three brothers who eventually ended in Leadville, Colorado are shown. (l.tor.) Charles Francis (b.1865) became a well-known photographer. William Charles (b.1857) and Henry were house-painters.

Henry was still at home in 1880 and was listed as a fireman in the federal census. He later left home to become a gamer on the Burlington Northern Railroad. As the railroad tracks were laid across the Great Plains, gamers rode ahead of the track-laying crew and shot game, probably buffalo, for the crews to eat at the end of the day. When Henry reached Colorado, he was attracted by the Gold Rush and ended in Leadville in 1895. He did not make a fortune in gold or silver, but eventually became a partner in a paint store in Leadville. See Leadville pilgrimage. He met Ida Hubbard and they married in 1905, when he was 45 and Ida was 27. Henry and Ida had four children, Helen, Mary, Charles and Ida. In 1914, Ida, the children's mother, died in childbirth with the youngest child. Mary was six years old and Henry was 54, at the time of mother Ida's death.

This portrait shows Henry and Ida O'Keefe with Helen (b. 1906) and baby, Mary Emily, born July 9, 1908, in Leadville, Lake County, Colorado

Ida Hubbard O'Keefe ( January 4, 1878 - May 3, 1914)

Ida A. Hubbard was born in Elliott, Montgomery County, Iowa, in 1878. Little is known of her early life; her obituary noted she came to Colorado as a milliner. Ida was eighteen years younger than Henry when they married in 1905. Ida and Henry had four children: Helen, born in 1906; Mary (half of the trunk of our family tree), born July 9, 1908; Charles, born in 1911 and Ida, born on April 21, 1914. Ida died of childbirth complications on May 3, 1914. Ida was 36 and Henry 54 at the time of her death. Henry lived for 21 years after Ida's death.

Henry O'Keefe is shown here with his grandsons, Billie Dwyer (on his knee), Billie and Jackie's cousin, Eddie Hanlan (son of Helen O'Keefe) and Jackie Dwyer, standing to the right. The boys called their grandfather, "Daddy Keefe." The photograph was probably taken in Leadville in 1932.

Henry O'Keefe operated a wall paper and paint store in Leadville until his death in 1935 at the age of 75.