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John William Dwyer

John William Dwyer, father of Jack H. (born John Henry) , William Charles, Joan Katherine and Diane Marie (the Branches) , was born in Leadville, Colorado, February 21, 1906 to John Paul and Catherine Timothy Gallagher Dwyer. He was their only child. He had rheumatic fever as as child and, thus, was frail throughout his life. The photographs below show our father at ages two and a half, four, six and seven year

John Paul, John William and Catherine Timothy Dwyer. 








Jack was a handsome young man when he fell in love with Mary Emily O'Keefe. They met in Leadville. At that time, he was attending the University of Colorado. Jack became ill before finishing his first year and did not return to college. Jack met Mary O'Keefe in Leadville in 1927 at a party given by Mary's elder sister. Mary was teaching school in a one-room school house at Twin Lakes near Leadville. It was love at first sight.


Jack and Mary were married in St. Catherine's Catholic Churrch in Denver in May of 1928. Jack's parents and Henry O'Keefe did not attend the wedding, presumably because they did not approve of the marriage. A son, Jack H., was born a year later, August 7, 1929. Bill was born in 1930, Joan in 1934 and Diane aka Tooge in 1937. Jack Sr. had a number of jobs through the Great Depression, but, eventually, became a US government auditor with the General Accounting Office. He was not drafted during WWII, since by then he had four children and was not well.

Our father is fondly remembered as a gentle, kind, reserved man with a delightful sense of humor and a great love of Mary and his family. Jack is shown below with his sons, Jackie (l) and Billie (r). Cousins Eddie and Henry are in the middle.

Jack was told he had terminal cancer within a month of Mary's death in 1967. In the final year of his life, his courage, strength and gentleness were an inspiration to everyone who knew him.