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N.B.  Current,  ongoing news related to individuals will be put on this page for a while,  then moved to the individual's page.  This will help to keep each person's page somewhat current, especially Twigs who are moving rapidly through life.  I know we are all moving rapidly through life, but for some of us, other than more gray hair and wrinkles,  the yearly changes are less dramatic.

January 2007

Some thoughts on Family  "Where there is love, there is life."  - Gandhi


Nancy sent an e-mail, which she wanted on Compost.  It said, in part,  "Tooge: "..Thank you for being the glue that holds us all together! It's a sticky job, but someone has to do it, and I know we are all grateful to you. We love you..."   I (Tooge) replied, " There is a Tao Te Ching expression, "When one stands on tiptoes, one falls over."  It seems self-congratulatory to put your kind words on abusua.."  But, I'm stading on tiptoes right now.

My thoughts today:  I love the "love"  part.  There cannot be too much love within a family.  But, we are held together by much more than the minute bit of glue I apply periodically.  I've been thinking about "family" especially while reading Barack Obama's Dreams of My Father. He writes (better than I), " What is a family?  Is it just a genetic chain, parents and offspring, people like me?  Or is it a social construct, an economic unit, optimal for child rearing and divisions of labor?  Or is it something else entirely:  a store of shared memories ..?  An ambit of love? A reach across the void?"  Obama doesn't arrive at a definite answer, nor, perhaps, can anyone.   But, I think, to me, family is a celebration of life. Increasingly, I love the diversity, the range of lives and personalities, the humor (A German I love calls it "the nonsense.") , and the compassion and complexity of our (extended) family, yes, even with imperfections, misunderstandings, aggravations. Our family is not perfect, but it is great.   Need musical inspiration? <Click here.


  December 2007    Happy Holidays !!!!   

November 2007  Happy Thanksgiving! Let us be thankful for a great family.

October 2007  (after a summer hiatus.)


 Happy Halloween!  From the Pawley Fire Department, happily far from the wildfires.

 <Firefighter Evan and his beloved Dalmatian sidekick/mascot/periodic nemesis, Sean>

June 2007   

an Irish blessing, which was the Irish element in Laura and Keenon's wedding.

For more wedding pictures, see June 30, 2007, Denver>

Remember so long ago, at Breckenridge, the elders sang a lullaby?  One line was " Now, our heritage is quirky."  Well, me Dears, our website is also about to  become quirky, when I add a Ukrainian PowerPoint presentation (Wayne/Zimmer and my September journey to the land of Wayne's roots, Ukraine.)   Can't wait to see all the June photos. Laura and Keenon's Wedding was  Saturday, June 30th, in Denver. The wedding will be held in Washington Park's North Pavilion and the reception will be in a community center 2 blocks from the Dwyer house in South Denver where all the Branches grew up (and made mischief.)  A tribute to the cycle of life. See the Royal Memorial Jack Tour.

The Dwyer (Bill & Ann) branches are gathering on Lake Ontario the last weekend of June - July 4th.

    The Busey's are in Ireland on assignment.  See March 2007 below.

 <  Congratulations to the graduate,  Alex Titus  

Brian > is attending Heritage College in Lakewood to become a Personal Trainer.  He continues his jobs at Herman's Hideaway and Herb's Hideout, runs "3D Lounge" jam sessions on Monday nights, works out, plays gigs with Judge Roughneck and is a great father to Roary.  No mention of sleep. 

May 2007  

Two Pawley birthdays, no fire permit needed. Evan is now 4 and Sean is 1  

The elephant (1 month old) is a modified TV tray, a Tooge creation.  It miraculously survived the combined birthday party.

April 2007

Good news from the West Coast:

         Mike. Connie and Lyric have moved to a new home in Seattle.

 Santa Barbara County granted a fire permit for Tooge's 70th birthday cake.  Tooge's inspiration for life comes (appropriately) from a saying painted on the wall of a bar in Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana, "Life is short and (wo)man is but full of troubles, so why not enjoy with moonlight."  With love to all who put up with this nonsense.

Hannah Van Norman now has her own page.  Welcome another actor/singer/dancer within abusua.

March 2007

"Well, since ya asked...after my dad's delirious admission of love for Nancy Pelosi and while he was still in the hospital, I called her office and left a lengthy message about how in his delirium he said she won the House and Senate. I asked if she could send an 8" X 10" glossy for my dad to speed up his recovery. Lo' and behold, it came in the mail!

I am enclosing it. Note the gleam in her eye, no doubt because she and P. Fred hold some timeless, ill-fated bond that crosses the millennia only to be damned by space, marriage, the fact that they will never meet , and other stuff."  - Jan

Happy St. Patrick's Day Let's celebrate this family !!!! Consider our family anthem (not by the Pointer Sisters) "Over in Dear Ireland"

Becca Dwyer      Sean Dwyer O'Pawley  will be seen at O'Dwyer's Pub in Dublin in June when Paula, Steve and Lenna visit the old country.  The Busey's have kindly accepted the mission of having their photographs displayed along with an Irish person, ideally named O'Dwyer, or in front of the Pub, definitely named O'Dwyer. 

There is a reason for this assignment. 

We now known Sean may have been named after a mythical great great grandfather, believed (until August 2006) to be named "Sean O'Dwyer." When in Denver, Tooge was inspired to get her grandfather's (& Sean's great grandfather's) death certificate. Hmmmm.  Faith now !!! Listed on it was the father of the deceased (yes, Sean's putative namesake),  William Dwyer.  The infamous "informant" was John Paul Dwyer's wife,  Katie Timothy Gallagher Dwyer, reknown for her unique grasp of truth.  (She lied so long and often about her age, she claimed to not be sure when she was born.) 

Whatever the lineage, a dear Irishman, who takes walks in our neighborhood, is pleased that Sean is named after a pub owner in Dublin.  * Whatever the truth, we'll toast to all Sean and William Dwyers (in fact, to all Dwyers and their kin) next time we are in Dublin.

* Thank you, O'Busey's, for your efforts on our behalf. 

February  2007   

Congratulations, Alex!!

Alex Titus:  Mt. Hood Conference Heavyweight Champion.  Runner-up to Oregon State Heavyweight title.

This is from his win at districts:
This article is from the Portalnd paper. Alex's piece is the last few paragraphs, after the semifinals at State.

Wayne, Zimmer & Tooge.  All are doing well - especially, Wayne & Zimmer. (Notice Zimmer glowing.)  They will be bonding in Physical Therapy for six more weeks.  Thanks to everyone in the family for sending good wishes. 

What better Valentine's gift than to know that P. Fred is doing well..  and Uncle Wayne (& Zimmer, his new bionic knee) are astounding the Physical Therapist staff and other team members with his/ their  determination and success at meeting "benchmarks."  His knee angle is already 110.  You need to be immobilized to appreciate flexibility. 

"Where there is love, there is life."   There is an immense amount of love and life in this family.  

*** Hannah (seen with her proud father, Tim) will soon join the "Artists in the Family" with her own page on "Twigs".

*** Uncle Bill sent pictures of Ann and his lovely new home. 

(Compost went through a time of real estate.   We now seem to be in the medicinal period.)

*** News from Donna (Marie).  She is recovering from foot surgery.  We wish her well. 

*** Next event:  Uncle Wayne's knew knee (or is it new nee?) Feb. 5th.  Stay tuned. 

*** Jan. 23rd Update on P.Fred

P. Fred is recooperating at an extended care facility and looks forward to escaping asap.

*** Jan. 15th Update from Jan

Thank you to all who sent positive thoughts and prayers for P.Fred. He is improving by leaps and bounds, and chatting up a storm. Early yesterday, Paula asked him if he knew who won the House and the Senate, and he said "Nancy Pelosi." "I've got a crush on her. She's cute." So the old P.Fred is fully back.

They are moving him to the step-down (a regular cardiac hospital room) today, and Paula and Marcy are going home. His heart rate is still irregular, but they don't seem to be too concerned about it at this point. They are hoping it finds a normal rhythm on its own. Now we need to think about rehabilitation and getting him home. I have no idea when that will be.

Paul (P. Fred) underwent a quadruple bypass heart surgery in Virginia on January 10th.  Despite worry and, no doubt, lack of sleep, Jan, Paula, Marcy and Kim have kept the family informed.  Bless them.  Our thoughts and love are with them.  Prayers are being sent also. 

The Marquardt reunion last summer.  In the middle of this handsome group is one proud grand father -in-law.  

Angie,Marcy,Kim Angie   Kim   

  Kim, Marcy  Steve.Kim  Angie    Paula, Nicholas, Jan  Nicholas, Angie

Kim, Angie   Michael, Alex  Paula, Alex, Angie  Zeus & Friend

Thanks, Kim, for the pictures.

December 2006 & January 2007   Happy New (2007) Year to all the Family


Derek, Deshawn, Kiara, Miko, Mila, Mauni, Laura, Keenon              Joanie, Greg, Matthew, Ryan


Jared, Tom, Bouncer, Raina, Nancy, Anya              Jack, Audrey, Nathan, Julia                    Roary & Friend

Merry Christmas Evan, Sean & Roary

Sean won "Cutest Baby" in the Christmas issue of Santa Maria Times with this picture.  In truth, he was actually the "Cutest Elf."   He and his favorite brother &  reindeer wish everyone a happy holiday.

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