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Compost 2010 

     Happy St. Patrick Day, me Dears! < lyrics for an Irish lullaby 

                                       Evan Drake O'Pawley                                                                                                          Sean Dwyer O'Pawley

           And the lullaby by an atonal, old Irish washer-woman has been moved to Tooge's page.

Mary added a great song to Abusua's Facebook wall  Now, we need to add videos from Brian and other musicians in this very talented family. 

Lise (top, center) and Evan (on floor, right)  made the Santa Maria Times in an article describing the great turnout of 344 people on a Disneyland/ Volunteer day at their school.   Lise teaches 6th grade and Evan is now in 1st.  The article focused on Lise's mural project.. Ten murals were painted by over 30 kids, guided by Lise with the help of the WebLep. The students added their ideas and artistic touches as well as paint. 

Each mural (l to r) was part of a theme  "Our school is.. (1) a world of creativity...(2) a sea of  ideas..(3) a space for adventure and (4) a garden to grow in.  Since the school mascot is the eagle, the rest of the murals expressed "At Nightingale, we soar." and "We soar like eagles." featuring wonderful paintings of kids and eagles (not nightingales).  The murals will hang in the hallways and, we hope, remind kids what a great school Joe Nightingale is. 

 < Before                                                                                                                                                                    After >

Faith now! Here is a plea from one desperate WebLeprechaun.  Please send jpg images via e-mail.  I can upload them quickly and  we can then all appreciate how time and age has given us more depth and beauty (and, for some, more wrinkles).  Bless you, me Dears.                                                                                                        Note:  new hat and ears and old hair

.>N.B.  Current,  ongoing news related to individuals will be put on this page for a while,  then moved to the individual's page.  This will help to keep each person's page somewhat current, especially Super Duper Branches who are moving rapidly through life.  I know we are all moving rapidly through life, but for some of us, other than more gray hair and wrinkles,  the yearly changes are less dramatic.  For livelier inspirational music, click here. The Pointer Sisters sing "We are Family"

The WebLep still lives and, having been entangled in other webs  ( www.geraniumsonline,, & etc), has escaped and is inspired to return to beloved  Since the Compost has not been added to in some time, the updates will be sketchy and, at times, not current.  With your help, will live once again

Bri's Hearts for Haiti Benefit Concert in Denver was held Feb. 14th.. The Benefit was a great success.

Laura has organized an national organization celebrating interracial families. We fit!  Go to  We look forward to learning more from her about this new and very successful effort.

We are delighted P. Fred is doing well.  

Nancy has become involved in hospice.  

Brian is now a personal trainer and is a musical promoter. He still is and always will be a musician. 

Paul and Donna have new careers in the mortuary business in Denver.

Compost 2009    

Updates from 2009 Christmas cards and photos - soon  (??????)

Congratulations to the Egberts! Michael and Kristen are having a baby (a real twig) in July.

See and hear the Bard a.k.a. Uncle Bill and some wonderful epic poems and stories.

Interviews with a Space Shovel Scientist.  

More about leprechauns.    An Irish Blessing  ♣  An Irish Lullaby  ♣

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Congratulations to the Van Normans. 

  Dharma Van Norman was born on March 12 at 11 am.  She is beautiful!! To the left is Mama Llama.

Compost  2007

Compost 2008

May - August 2008   Soon, when the WebLep catches her breath!!!  There is MUCH to insert.

April 2008  E-mail sent April 1, 2008.  Edited responses to follow. 

Dear Family:  My past has come to haunt me.  I received the following: "The Archdiocese of Santa Maria of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, hereby, officially informs you, Diane Handlos a.k.a. Tooge, that you are in violation of Article 783.61 of Codex Juris Canonici, which states,  ' Liturgical music shall not be used in any circumstance which demeans the sacred and devotional nature of the music.'   The use of ' Kyrie ' in association with YouTube, chickens and a Zen garden is a clear violation of said Article 783.61.  Please appear .. ." The rest is in Latin, "Oremus in remissionem peccatis et offensionibus et negligentiis tuus."
Ironically, I have Shaolin temple music, but chose " Kyrie " because it evokes an immensely devout period in my life (until I literally fell away from the Church - but that is another story.)  ... eleison.  Love,  Tainted Tooge

March 2008  Happy St. Patrick's Day Go mbeannai Dia duit. (May God Bless You.) More about leprechauns.

Bri and the band, JudgeRougheck, opened for the Wailers (as in the original Bob Marley & the Wailers) in Boulder this month. The band has some good gigs this summer.  See . Bri is still bartending, parenting, studying to be a personal trainer.  We're not sure when/ if he sleeps.

Check recent photos of the Stillmans (i.e. good-looking kids)

And for the chicken-lovers of the family, i.e. Paula & Jan: See "Zen Chickens," featuring da Vinci, Botticelli & Fluffete L'Amour. Pray that lightening doesn't strike Tooge for using a Gregorian chant in a Zen Garden. Zen Chickens is a public video (Anyone can watch it ).

    Also, check out an interview with a Space Shovel Scientist Part 1 and Part 2.  Space Shovel Scientist (Evan) is a  private video (YouTube user name and password needed.  Contact Tooge.)

February 2008  Happy  

  Let's celebrate Uncle Bill and Aunt Ann 50th anniversary year.   Can this marriage last? 


January 2008  Happy Nearly New Year !!!

Great news:


 The wedding of Mike (Dwyer)  - yes, the Mike Dwyer- and Connie Weiss will be in October.

  Congratulations !!  Check out Mike's (and now Connie's) page.

 Good news:   As you see below, the Twigs have grown beyond the "Twig" stage.  Is it time to relabel the family tree?

 Sad news:  Kanjo, Patriarch of the Coop (as in chicken, not co-op) Mahal has gone to that Great Coop in Sky. 

                                  See the Saga of the Coop Mahal.

It was great to receive some new photos of various handsome families and to be updated on your news.


                                                                                Shannon      Shannon & Mike    Mike  Fitzgerald                                                                       Matthew & Ryan Scott


                                     Paul, James, Penny & Becca Dwyer                                    Anya, Jared & Raina Cerniglia                 Jack, Mary, Nathan, Julia, Paul & Audrey DeLorenzo


                                                                        Sean, Lise, Jeff & Evan Pawley                                The Stillmans:  Deshawn, Miko, Kiara, Keenon, Laura, Mila, Derek & Mauni