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ROOTS- Our most immediate roots are  John Paul Dwyer & Catherine Gallagher Dwyer and Henry O'Keefe & Ida O'Keefe. Thanks to Kathy, we now can see wonderful photographs. We are working on the history. Surely, it will take the luck of the Irish to find images and information on our deeper roots: the O'Dwyers, Gallaghers, Currans, O'Keefe's and Hubbards.

The following table is meant to inspire us to begin this journey. Let's hope it does not seem so overwhelming we won't dare to take the first step. "Censi" is the plural of census in leprechaun parlance.

It's the journey, not the destination. There are many paths on this journey and if we make it a family effort, we'll go farther … …and have fun on the voyage. So…if you have the time, interest, energy, desire, fortitude…. Call Tooge or e-mail her . Mail to:


Sources (Note: the 1890 Fed. Census was destroyed)


Abusua  volunteer Your name & e-mail address (you blessed soul)
What do you need (other than money)? Tooge has data collecting forms.
Deep Roots: O'Keefe's in Ireland

Early censi. Eventually death certificates of offspring, passenger lists, IR sources Tooge is making slow progress on this. We're back to 1856 in IA
Deep Roots: Hubbards As above. Since this root is "Other," we'll pursue it last.

Montgomery Cty IA

A less-biased view of our non-Irish heritage.
Deep Roots: O"Dwyers in Ireland As above. 1870, 1880 censi in Ishpiming MI to begin track Maybe Bill & Ann Dwyer?

Deep Roots: Gallaghers in Ireland As above. 1870. 1880 censi in Carbon Cty PA. Also, cemetary records
Deep Roots: Currans in Ireland As above.

Roots: John Paul Dwyer 1880 census in MI 1900, 1910, 1920 censi in CO ?Bill & Ann
Roots: Catherine Timothy (Gallagher) Dwyer Above + tracking them in CO. Great photographs are available
Roots: Henry O'Keefe

Censi: IA(1856)      US (1860, 1870, 1880)

Before CO: Des Moines Cty IA censi. Tooge got a lot of info, in IA.

Censi: IA (1856)        US (1860, 1870, 1880)


Tooge has Henry before CO

Paula volunteered for the CO O'Keefe's

Bill & Ann have fine


Roots: Ida Hubbard 1870. 1880 Montgomery Cty IA censi. Later Co census
Trunk: John William Dwyer  
Trunk: Mary Emily (O'Keefe) Dwyer  
Branches: Jack, Bill, Joan, Tooge Bill & Tooge  
Super Branches: Donna Marie, Paul & Annie Each can fill out a questionnaire (available) or just email We still need a info seeker & gatherer (a harasser of procrastinators.) We also need a photograph gatherer
Super Branches: Kathy, Joanie, Mary, Nancy, Bill & Mike as above as above as above
Super Branches: Kim, Paula, Marcy, Jan & Laura as abovel as above as above
Super Branches: Lise & Brian/ Tessema

as above as above as above
And, all the Super Duper Branches /Twigs:            Alex, Angie/ Michael, Danielle, Nicholas/Lenna/ Hannah / Deshawn, Derek, Kiara, Miko, Mila, Mauni/ Michael Paul, Shannon/ Jared, Anya, Raina/ Matthew, Ryan / Audry, Jack, Nathan, Julia/ Meghan, Elizabeth/Roary/ Evan As above

Parents are the obvious source of encouragement of older s.d. branches & information for very small twigs.

As above as above

We'll see how this goes.    There's an African proverb, "If we all cross the river together (and make lots of noise), the crocodiles will go hungry." A family that does not celebrate itself is not as threatening as a crocodile, but the ultimate message remains. If we travel together (and make lots of noise,) we'll go far and joyfully.                                              (top of page)