The Abusua (Clan)   





Buds     Congratulations to the Van Normans. 

Dharma Van Norman was born on March 12, 2009 at 11 am.  She is beautiful!!

To the left is Mama Llama, Tina. Dharma is a carbon copy "mini-me" to her mom.

Dharma's name means "Ultimate Reality/Law of the Universe" which is a big name for a little girl who has yet to negotiate mud, and since she is a "lama" we figured a Buddhist name was fitting. She is quite taken with the barn cats, and loves running away from her mother only to get a chastising "hum" in return. (They hum when they communicate.) That's about all, except to say..she is the cutest llama in the history of llamas.

The white llama is Victor, Dharma's sibling.  They have the same two parents. The dad looks JUST LIKE VICTOR (we did not buy him). The baby loves her brother, but Tina does not let Victor too close, even though he is very gentle with her. Nothing is happier than llamas! Except chickens*. See Chickens.

Dharma has the loveliest eyelashes in the family. (Thanks for the info., Jan.)

*Chickens are Zen masters. See the video, "Zen Chickens" starring Botticelli, DaVinci and Fluffy in Tooge's Zen garden, with a Gregorian touch.