The Abusua (Clan)   






 "Would you do that at the Brown Palace?"


                                                                                                                               (l.-r.) Miko, Mila, Kiara, Mauni

Last year, the Brown Palace Hotel was graced by the visit of five lovely ladies.*  The reason for this pilgrimage lies in the ancient history of the Dwyer family.

2004, Denver.   *Four very attractive, elegant, sophisticated Twigs (+ unshown, Kiara's mother, Laura) thus one of Branch Joanie's granddaughters. 

Mom Laura sent this e-mail describing their adventure.  "Well, the adventure started on Saturday, when just the girls of the house went shopping for dresses, purses and jewelry.  Everyone picked out a perfect outfit.  The girls thought the Brown Palace was beautiful.  I told them all about my grandma Dwyer (Mary Dwyer) and the stories my mom (Joanie) had told me.  We were serenaded by a woman playing a harp.  We had our own silver teapot and everyone loved the scones with the whipped cream.  But the finger sandwiches and the fancy pastries were a little too exotic for most of the girls.  Kiara asked if we could go to Burger King on our way home.  We walked around the hotel and took pictures and bought magnets for our refrigerator with pictures of  the hotel and the Atrium.  It was the first time I really got to go to the Brown Palace.  It was as much for me as for them.  I wish I could have gone with my mom."

Ask Uncle Bill or Tooge how many times their parents said,  "Would you do that at the Brown Palace?" when they were exasperated and peeved with their children's primitive behavior.  Answer.  Often.  However, this admonition had little effect, since the children had not a clue what it meant.  Eventually, they learned that there is a proper, socially acceptable way to behave.  Unfortunately, a few of them never adopted this adage for guidance in life. 

Since then, we have had fun with it as a celebration of family,

whether inspiring a pose at Estes Park 2004   < ( Laura, Tooge)  

    ..or.. a cake at the Denver gathering 1988.

        ^  Branches & Spouses & cake:

                      (l-r:  Donna, Tooge, Ann, "Would you do that at the Brown Palace?" cake, Jack, Bill, P. Fred)

We made a pilgramage to the Brown Palace and posed in the lobby.


The question remains, "Why invoke the Brown Palace?" 

The Brown Palace Hotel, 17th & Tremont, in Denver, was built in 1892 and is a Historic Landmark.  Presidents, celebrities and even Dwyers have been there.  John and Mary Dwyer were too poor to go there, but it remained to them  a symbol of elegance and propriety.   To their children, it was the source of another family story.

Happily, each generation contributes to the saga.