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Annie's Page  

Annie is one of the stars in the Heritage Square Music Hall in Golden CO.

This description of Annie, written by T.J. Mullin, appears on, 

"Annie Dwyer is one of those rare natives born and raised in Denver, CO. She began performing in first grade and has been "acting up" ever since. She honed her skills at The Original Scene, an all-city youth organization started by Fr. Dennis Dwyer (no relation - only spiritually!) and is currently involved in getting The Original Scene back up and running. She also runs a summer program called Rising Stars, right on the Music Hall stage.
  Annie graduated from Loretto Heights College with a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre in 1987. She began her professional career downtown at StageWest in the Galleria of the Denver Arts Center, performing in: Beehive, Six Women With Brain Death, the Taffetas, Pump Boys and Dinettes, and Nunsense. She arrived at the Music Hall on Tuesday, January 29, 1991, found her home, and has been here ever since. In addition to performing, she is the resident choreographer, has written and directed several children's shows and continues to do many other things around here. Annie loves and adores her boss and her job (she must, she's been here forever!) and is very grateful and fortunate to be able to perform on the Music Hall stage for such warm audiences. In case you're wondering, she's the one with the dark hair and is probably best known for her facial expressions, gum chewing, and her lipstick kisses. "Hey, it ain't Shakespeare, but it sure is fun ...sometimes!" And yes, she is related to Paul Dwyer who is an Actor/Associate Producer at some other theater in town… but can't recall the name. "

During the Breckenridge family reunion,  some of the family saw her in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and were overwhelmed by her talent. 

   (l-r)   Ann, Mikey, Lise, Bill, Matthew, Annie, Tooge, Jack, Donna

February 2004.  Annie writes:   " I am currently in rehearsals for Robin Hood.  We open Saturday.  'Jack In the Beanstalk'  closed last Saturday.  It turned out pretty well.  It took a long time!  I wrote and directed it as a tribute to my Dad (Ed. note: Jack, the beloved senior branch.) He always used to tell me that I could do anything that I put my mind to.  It worked well for the show and now I'm trying to apply that to into my life.  It's always something.  Once I get out my 'Born to Be Loud'  rehearsals, I'll gather information and pictures for all the family."  (Ed. note:  Thanks, Annie)